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Melting Maintenance Shift Technician

  • LocationGuangzhou
  • BusinessDisplay Technologies
  • FunctionEngineering

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Day to Day Responsibilities:

  • Equipment down time analysis and improvement.
  • 设备故障分析和改善
  • Daily troubleshooting and improvement to maximize equipment up-time.
  • 日常故障维修,改善并优化设备运行时间
  • Perform the weekly and quarterly preventive maintenance system within the prescribed guidelines and maintain appropriate records.
  • 定期维修维护设备
  • Develops and maintains records for equipment down time and parts replacement.
  • 记录并保持设备故障时间,更换零部件
  • Schedule and execute the weekly,monthly PM  and quarterly PM.
  • 制定并执行周计划,月保养计划,季度计划
  • Perform spare parts management and in-coming quality control work
  • 零部件库存管理,质量管控
  • Conduct the technician cross training and the new come-in technician training.
  • 参加技术员培训,为新员工培训
  • Conduct the PM training and certification for operators.
  • 对操作员进行维修保养计划培训
  • Develop maintenance SOPs, ISO and TPM-5S system and be responsible for execution
  • 发展标准维修程序,5S管理流程,维修质量管理系统, 并负责执行
  • Support & initiate shop floor equipment & tools improvement;
  • 维修间设备和工具管理



  • College degree in Mechanical or related engineering;
  • 大专以上机械, 电气, 仪表专业
  • 3yrs in Equipment maintenance
  • 3年以上相关设备维修经验
  • Equipment installation and maintenance experience;
  • 设备安装和维护经验
  • Understand equipment basic design, operation and maintenance knowledge.
  • 熟悉设备基本设计、运行和维护等相关知识
  • Servo Motor, inverter maintenance and replacement;
  • 伺服电机,换流器的维修与更换
  • Ball screw, LM guide and air cylinder maintenance and replacement;
  • 滚珠螺杆,
  • Understand Maintenance PM Principles and Customer Focus;
  • 熟悉预防性维修
  • Pneumatic system maintenance experience, like air cylinder;
  • 气动系统维修经验
  • LOTO understanding;
  • 挂牌上锁安全流程
  • Results oriented, Schedule control, Improvement, Well communication.
  • 以结果为导向,计划管控,持续改进,良好沟通




Employee Referral : level 3