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Security Supervisor

  • LocationWuhan
  • BusinessDisplay Technologies
  • FunctionCorporate Services and Admin

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  • Work closely with security and project / facility management, to foster a proactive and productive approach to security matters in an international environment.
  • Establish Chongqing project / facility security policy and procedures and align Corning Global Security and CDT practices
  • Performs audits of the CDT Chongqing project / facility as required. Responsible for evaluating physical, personnel, and information security practices.
  • Identify and report potential security risk exposures created by exploitable vulnerabilities.
  •  Participate in the development, implementation and enforcement of policies and measures to address deficiencies in security and related concerns.
  • Ensure that responses to credible threats, reports of incidents, and policy violations are swift, comprehensive, and consistent with Corning Global Security policies.
  • Assist with project / facility level investigations when required.
  • Participate and support ongoing Corporate Security education and awareness programs. Program topics include but are not limited to VWP, IP, personal and physical asset security.
  •  Report potential IP threats to the Corning Global Security and Project Management Team and provide recommendations that can establish and maintain an acceptable level of protection.
  • Responsible for the daily deployment of security personnel, both internal and external.
  • Support Corning Global Security on security technology systems design and installation. Report any deficiencies and schedule appropriate repair or corrective action.
  • Work closely with Corning Global Regional Monitoring team on project office and facility alarm monitoring; drive corrective actions on the abnormal alarms.
  • Provide accurate and timely reports which depict the status of the security organization
  • as may be required by the Security Manager and project management team.


Employee Referral level :3