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Facility Section Manager

  • LocationWuhan
  • BusinessDisplay Technologies
  • FunctionEngineering

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Day to Day Responsibilities:

• Responsible for leading facility team to ensure the daily operation of plant 220/110 kv system, PA system, water treatment system, HVAC system, CDA system, Clean Room system…etc.

• Manage contractors to achieve safety, productivity and quality.

• Execute AMC saving projects to reduce cost.

• Responsible for LO2, LN2, LNG, Diesel oil, make sure these liquid storage and usage comply with safety regulations.

• Initiate and execute IE-SPC, SOS and PdM items to reduce equipment abnormal downtime.

• Lead team to schedule and execute regular PM/OPM maintenance items.

• Build Emergency Response Team for plant wide DTAP issues (Power Dip/Trip, E-CDA, EW, PRW…etc.), schedule and execute regular drill.

• Communicate with leadership and stakeholder for project implementation.

• Lead team to do troubleshooting and improvement to maximize ensure reliable and stable supply.

• Assist leadership to implement business operation investment and ensure to achieve expectation target.

• Annual budget and spending control of the operation

• Ensure factory emissions comply with all regulations, especially for waste water/gas/powder emission.

• Execute and complete other assignment by leadership

• Team talent development (Skill up, Multi-skill, training...etc.)



Education & Experience

  • Education: bachelor degree or above, major in Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical related)
  • Experience: +3yrs in facility equipment installation/maintenance/design

                               +5yrs in facility operation management


Required Skills

  • Project management experience, such as power system and water system improvement or expansion
  • Understand equipment mechanical and control system design, operation and maintenance knowledge.
  • Familiar with 220kv system, DIW system, CDA and HVAC system.
  • Familiar with LNG/LO2/LN2 system management.
  • Familiar with the safety rules of utility usage.
  • Good communication and organizational skills.
  • Good English skill, good oral language is plus.
  • PCPD process control


Soft Skills

  • Skill in Excel, Office, power point, database.
  • Good presentation and reporting skill.
  • Strong accountability and ownership of achieving plant goal.
  • Creative and with strong continuous improvement work characteristic.
  • Work independently by him/herself and work well within team group.


Employee Referral Level: 3