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Security supervisor

  • LocationGuangzhou
  • BusinessDisplay Technologies
  • FunctionCorporate Services and Admin

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- Purpose of the Position 
Ensure the deployment of security strategy in plant and implement the security activities. 
 - Day to Day Responsibilities 
• To represent/support Guangzhou and Corporate Security group by performing duties that include but are not limited to: patrolling the facility, identifying and correcting security violations, detecting and reporting unsafe conditions, hazards, and unusual circumstances to include emergencies such as fire, medical, hazardous material, violent incidents and natural disasters. 代表和带领团队在广州工厂执行总部安全部门要求的职责,包括但不限于:厂房的巡逻,安全违规的识别和纠正,检查和报告不安全的情况,危害和异常情况,包括突发事件,如消防,医疗,危险材料,暴力事件和自然灾害 
• Participate in the development, implementation and enforcement of policies and measures to address deficiencies in security and related concerns. 参与政策和措施的制定和执行,以应对安全管理方面的效率和缺陷。 
• Support Guangzhou plant in the effort to manage intellectual protection processes that will protect intellectual property assets and mitigate risks. Ensure that response to credible threats, reports of incidents, and policy violations are swift, comprehensive, and consistent with the Corporate Security strategy. 支持广州厂在知识产权/智慧资产保护方面的管理,确保保持和总部安全策略一致,有效应对潜在威胁,汇报事故和违规行为。 
• Communicate, and support ongoing Corporate Security education and awareness programs at Guangzhou plant. Program topics include but are not limited to VWP, IP, personal and physical asset security. • 在场内宣传总部的安全相关项目,不限于知识产权/智慧财产保护、人身安全等项目。 
• Maintain daily documentation of all activities and support the facility as appropriate. 维护管理相关的文件系统; 
• Inform management of all pertinent activities to include reporting of incidents and conduct preliminary inquiries. 向管理层汇报事故报告以及初步调查报告。 
• Vigorously support the Corporate Security strategy, particularly that focused on IP protection. Interact with designated facility stakeholders to achieve alignment with the security strategy. 支持总部的安全管理战略,特别是专注于知识产权/智慧财产的保护;配合其他相关部门一起实现工厂安全策略。
 • Oversee the daily deployment of internal and outsourced security personnel and ensure all security technologies are functioning as designed and installed (for example: Access system, Security system, Facility SSCADA, fire monitor system, etc) • 管理内部和外包安全人员的日常工作事务,确保所有安保科技设施运作正常(例如:门禁系统,保安系统,厂务系统,消防系统等)" 

- Education and Experience 

- Required Skills 
• Leadership capabilities. 
• Experience working in multi-cultural environments. 
• 3 Years Security management experience. 
• Strong analytical and decision making skills. 
• Strong interpersonal skills and communication skill. 
• Strong English skill. • Must demonstrate technical understanding.